Toolbox per Steps

Scope out and Design a Mission-driven strategy of temporary uses

In this section of the Toolbox, we provide you with a full set of tools that will help you design an impactful strategy of temporary uses driven by innovation missions.

Through these tools, you will be guided along the following aspects:

  • The overall strategy and theory of change: where are you standing at the moment, what is your destination, and how can you get there.
  • Ideation methods and inspiring cases that can be used for designing temporary uses and initiatives.
  • The full portfolio of temporary uses and activities that set the path towards the desired impacts

You can either use the Miro board for a full and intense scoping & design process, or download each tool individually for your own purposes and needs.

Download the tools

  • Scoping & Ideating
  • Monitoring & Evaluating

Outcome Mapping

Define the expected outcomes of your temporary use strategy and how it can contribute to meaningful impact.

  • Scoping & Ideating

Portfolio Matrix

Organise your meanwhile activities as a full portfolio engaging different levers of (systems) change.

  • Scoping & Ideating

Temporary Use Cards

Get inspiration for possible ideas of temporary uses and activities

  • Scoping & Ideating

Theory of Change

Scope out the path and narrative of temporary uses towards long term regeneration impacts.

Other tools for scoping and ideating

In T-Factor, we have developed additional tools that can help you scope out and ideate a diversity of temporary uses.

Scroll down the page to find tools that can address your interests and purposes!

  • Scoping & Ideating

Persona Cards

Imagine who could be the different personas that may engage with your temporary uses.

Useful links and resources

Check the following resources to explore additional, already existing tools and resources that may be useful for your scoping and ideation phase

Ready to prototype & test temporary uses?

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