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Prototype and Test

A prototype can be defined as a first example of something, from which all later forms are developed. It includes every physical manifestation that represents the vision of a future situation. Almost everything can be prototyped: not only products and technologies, but also spaces, interactions, processes and systems. In the context of urban regeneration and temporary uses, prototyping can thus apply to citizen experiences, policies, services, organisational structures, and more. Temporary uses can be understood as the prototypes of possible future situations for the area under regeneration.

In this part of the Toolbox, we provide you with a full set of tools that will help you prototype temporary uses, working on aspects such as:

  • the maturity of your temporary use strategy and readiness towards implementation;
  • the detail design of temporary uses, including aspects such as target groups, user experience, partnerships and collaborations, budget and resources;
  • the prototyping strategy and timeline;
  • tips and tricks for prototyping cycles and iterations.

You can either follow the full journey, or use each tool individually for your own purposes and needs.

Download the tools

  • Prototype & Test

Detailed Design Workshop

Detail a temporary use idea at an executive level, to make it ready to be prototyped in the real context under regeneration.

  • Prototype & Test

Prototyping Cycle Guidelines

Iterate prototypes as many times as needed to refine the solution until it is ready to be implemented.

  • Prototype & Test

Prototyping Maturity Assessment

Assess the readiness and maturity level of your temporary use strategy towards implementation.

  • Prototype & Test

Prototyping Strategy Workshop

Schedule temporary use prototypes over time in a strategic prototyping roadmap.

Useful links and resources

Check the following resources to explore additional, already existing tools and resources that may be useful for your prototyping phase

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