Thank you for sharing your activity!

We define an activity as a practice, project or programme that supports participation and collaboration towards transformative meanwhile uses.

Activities take many forms including one-off events; workshops, talks, exhibitions, fairs; regular or repeated interventions; courses, clubs, training prgrammes, residencies and longer term initiatives that are settled and stable; co-workign spaces, community gardens, training centres.

We welcome activities that have been developed and tested through practice so as to ensure the proposed activities are deliverable and that the results of the activity can be anticipated.

Activities may be supported by tools and resources that assist or guide their implementation. If you have tools and/or resources that support your activity please share them as well.

All activities should include a short general description that explains the purpose and approach, and a more detailed case study that provides information and guidance for those seeking to replicate the activity.

You can refer to the existing activities for inspiration on how to structure your contribution.

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