Toolbox per Steps

Explore the context of intervention

Achieving an in depth understanding of the regeneration process and context of intervention is a key step in every temporary use journey.

In this section of the Toolbox, we provide you with a full set of tools that will help you explore aspects such as:

  • the timeline of the regeneration process, with its key milestones;
  • the spaces that might be available over time for temporary uses;
  • the key stakeholders at stake in the regeneration;
  • the challenges and opportunities attached to the regeneration process as well as barriers and enablers for temporary uses.

You can either use the Miro board for a full exploration, or download each tool individually for your own purposes and needs.

Download the tools

  • Exploring & Inquiring

Challenges & Opportunities

Map the challenges and opportunities experienced by people in a place over time

  • Exploring & Inquiring

Meanwhile Enablers and Preventers

Map the factors that are enabling or preventing meanwhile uses within the regeneration area

  • Exploring & Inquiring

Meanwhile spaces

Map out the spaces that are available for temporary uses.

  • Exploring & Inquiring

Stakeholder Mapping

Map out the constellation of stakeholders in the regeneration process

  • Exploring & Inquiring


Visualise the roadmap and key milestones of the regeneration process

Other tools for exploration

In T-Factor, we have developed additional tools that explore specific aspects, such as how people perceive and interact with green spaces, how local heritage is valued, or what official data tell us about a place – to name a few.

Scroll down the page to find tools that can address your interests and needs!

  • Exploring & Inquiring

Ecosystem Mapping

Map the local ecosystem of organisations, projects and initiatives that can sustain your meanwhile strategy

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