Toolbox in Action

The toolbox in practice in the context of seven regeneration initiatives across Europe & Asia

Theory of Change

Zorrotzaurre Bilbao

Located within the Deusto district of Bilbao, Zorrotzaurre is one of the major redevelopments in the city, aiming to create a sustainable, innovative, knowledge-based urban area. Here, T-Factor is leveraging temporary use as a means to create a vibrant and participatory innovation ecosystem, and contribute to a more inclusive future.


Bridging universities and grassroots communities in a joint effort of addressing pressing urban challenges through novel teaching, learning, and co-creation.

Collaborative GOVERNANCE

Crafting participatory and inclusive forms of governance for the present and future of Zorrotzaurre’s innovation ecosystem.


Exploring regulatory frameworks for temporary uses in Zorrotzaurre and contributing to bottom-up access to spaces for cultural and creative activities.

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