Toolbox in Action

The toolbox in practice in the context of seven regeneration initiatives across Europe & Asia

Theory of Change

Trafaria Lisbon

Trafaria is a historical fishing village located in Portugal, within the administrative region of Almada and near the metropolitan area of Lisbon. Established in the 16th century, Trafaria’s identity is deeply connected to fishing. However, global influences, overfishing, and tourism have notably changed the community. The missions of the T-Factor Trafaria pilot serve as a blueprint for their efforts towards community revitalisation, focusing on cultural identity, education, and infrastructure.

Shared, Locally Rooted Identities

Involve locals in the collective discovery and re-appreciation of their own identity, aided by digital tools for capturing and sharing narratives.

Innovative Education and Training

To foster innovative educational and training programs in Trafaria, bridging the gap between academia and the local community, the mission employes hands-on workshops and seminars.

Attractive & Accessible Area

To improve Trafaria’s accessibility and appeal by collaborating with local authorities on infrastructure and essential services, offering better connectivity and amenities.

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