Toolbox in Action

The toolbox in practice in the context of seven regeneration initiatives across Europe & Asia

Theory of Change

MIND Milan

MIND Milano Innovation District is a pioneering urban innovation district, it places an emphasis on sustainability, wellbeing, nature integration and functionality. The T-Factor pilot at MIND addressed three ‘meanwhile missions’ encompassing a proactive approach to knowledge dissemination, sustainable urban lifestyle promotion, and enhanced territorial integration.

Open, Vibrant and Collaborative R&I Ecosystem

Developing a well-informed community cognisant of MIND’s ongoing research and possible impacts on society, and building connections with stakeholders, fostering collaborations and benefits from the research conducted at MIND.

Active, Healthy and Sustainable Lifestyles

Supporting well-being by launching educational and cultural initiatives that highlight the importance of nature, biodiversity, and green practices in urban settings.

Accessibility & Identity

Building stronger connections with municipalities and communities to create a unified urban ecosystem, and focusing on the seamless integration of the MIND district into the broader cityscape of Milan, promoting a harmonious city-district relationship.

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