Local communities in Euston have deep understanding of local problems and multiple ideas about how to address them, which are now in need of design expertise to support their delivery as tangible and significant interventions. This activity contributes towards fulfilling this need, with co-discovery and co-design workshops where design practitioners support the ideation process by supporting residents to capture, visualise and present ideas in form of mapping and referencing activities, as well as prototyping proposals.

Through a set of workshops, we explored the questions: How can we use different ‘arts of noticing’ to engage with and be more attentive to the environment? How can we rethink the role of streets and squares post Covid to create thriving and inclusive neighbourhoods?, How can public space address inequalities?, How can streets stay accessible to whole communities?

Working together with Regent’s Park Community Champions in collaborative ideation processes will foster the development of creative means which address local issues and support the existent socio-cultural fabric in the community. Importantly, the bottom-up activity can facilitate acceptance of urban interventions in the neighbourhood.

From: 01/10/2021
To: 30/11/2021
Step: Exploring & Inquiring
  • Greening & Growing
Greening, biodiversity & urban wilderness
Safety, conviviality & liveability