Somers Town Future Neighbourhood Workshop was a workshop organised in July 2022 in close collaboration between Somers Town Community Association, Camden Council and the T-Factor team of UAL. The workshop was part of the project led by Somers Town Community Association, dedicated to prototype solutions in address to climate resilience at neighbourhood level, funded by the Greater London Authority via the Future Neighbourhood Programme. This funding provides capital funding that can complement T-Factor operational funding for meanwhile projects. Through the workshop, opportunities and roots for synergies and alignment between T-Factor and Future Neighbourhood projects were explored, and a synthesis of workshop materials produced.

From: 14/07/2022
To: 14/07/2022
Step: Prototype & Test
  • Safe & Convivial Streets and Squares
  • Circular and Collaborative economies
Safety, conviviality & liveability
Inclusive engagement, access & rights to cities