Everton Mews/Prince of Wales passage - gateway to estate was a public engagement event held in July 2022 in Prince of Wales Passage/Everton Mews (PoWP/EM), which is a site particularly renowned for fly-tipping and anti-social behaviour. Since the commencement of works around Euston, the placement of hoardings and barriers has meant that Prince of Wales passage has become a more significant pedestrian access route into Regents Park Estate. This has led residents to propose the 'Gateway to the Estate' project, which will transform PoWP/EM into a welcoming gateway for pedestrian access to the estate. The event ran for half a day and was delivered by the Community Champions in collaboration with the T-Factor (UAL) team. Residents and passers-by were asked to write their ideas around prompts such as 'What would make the space more welcoming?' and 'What could make this space cleaner and greener?', writing their ideas on a mirror displayed behind a door, which were then added to an 'ideas forest’ behind another door. Other activities and games were set up down the street with residents invited to draw their ideas for the future of the space on images of the site. The activity served to activate the site and gathered 60 ideas from residents and passers-by about how to make the site ‘greener, cleaner and more welcoming’. These ideas have been used to inform proposals for improvements to the site, including wall art and lighting, that will be prototyped with support from the UAL T Factor team and regeneration stakeholders.

From: 15/07/2022
To: 15/07/2022
Step: Prototype & Test
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Safety, conviviality & liveability
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