As part of the Regents Park Estate Community Festival in August 2022, a 'Story Trail' (ST) prototype was tested. The ST drew upon historical stories about the area to create eight freestanding boards with photographs, text and QR codes to harvest feedback.

The boards were placed at strategic points between Triton Square and Cumberland Market to support wayfinding for the Community Festival and gauge resident interest in the Story Trail. The boards were removed after the festival. However, Camden Council Green Space team received positive feedback and thus granted permission to re-install the Story Trail boards. The boards were re-installed two weeks later and remained in place for 2 months, until November 2022. The ST has been welcomed by residents and, to the surprise of the Council, has not been damaged or defaced in any way.

The historical stories have inspired further interventions including an illuminated market that is to be held in December 2022 in Clarence Gardens - inspired by the fact that the site was designed as a market square in the 1800's.

From: 06/08/2022
To: 14/11/2022
Step: Prototype & Test
  • Arts, Culture & Heritage
  • Safe & Convivial Streets and Squares
Local identity & heritage
Safety, conviviality & liveability