A podcast of 12 episodes about the cultural, associative, and artistic movement of the Lands of Trafaria. This is where the 12 protagonists of the podcast "Contos da Trafaria" live, 12 voices that tell us the story of this territory through their reality, 12 lives that take their region in hand, that reflect and transform it through culture, art, and even research.

The Podcast CONTOS DA TRAFARIA can be heard on Spotify; YouTube, and Soundcloud Rádio Olissipo (a new episode is always on Tuesdays at 7 pm).

Watch the live video of the launch day at Espaço Cultural da Trafaria on YouTube do Canal 7.

This podcast is a creation of Marta Miranda under the Coordination of Profª Carla Fernandes.

Authors: Marta Miranda and Carla Fernandes

From: 12/03/2023
To: 15/04/2023
  • Local identity & Heritage
Local identity & heritage
Inclusive engagement, access & rights to cities