The ‘Sandbox Info Day & ideas pitch and business contacts fair’ was organised by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Communication of the Republic of Lithuania in June 2022. The T-Factor team could pitch their idea to make the AIIP area a Sandbox area, which is foreseen to become a permanent activity. The Local Coalition presented the project, and it was a good opportunity to get the attention of the Ministry.

Currently the T-Factor team agreed that they will combine the initiative of the sandbox with the next initiatives the government might promote and organise in AIIP. The event was aimed at presenting “New Generation Lithuania”, the national Recovery and Resilience Plan, which will invest around 700 million euros to foster the digital transition. The plan includes the facilitation of 5G roll-out and the promotion of mobility innovations, among other measures. One of the actions is the 5G Sandbox initiative planned by the Ministry of Transport and Communications - a legal, regulatory and financial environment for testing and putting into practice under real conditions the 5G connection-based innovations in mobility and other sectors. A financial support mechanism is being developed and 24.5 million euros have been allocated for this initiative.

From: 15/06/2022
To: 15/06/2022
Step: Prototype & Test
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