The Regents Park Estate Community Festival provided the opportunity for the Euston pilot, alongside the Community Champions and Old Diorama Arts Centre, to progress the creation of the Story Trail.

During the festival stories were collected through the spontaneous contribution of participants and visitors who visited the Story Line stall and added their stories. Furthermore, residents participated in the creation of a clay tree. The clay tree was built beneath the branches of a 300 year old London Plane tree that sits at the centre of Clarence Gardens. Residents call this old tree the ‘Story Tree’ because of the stories they imagine it could tell of all the events that it has witnessed over hundreds of years. The Story Tree has been identified as a key location within the Story Trail. The 2-metre-high clay tree that was built beneath the real tree was an example of the kind of 3-dimensional installation that could be implemented as part of the Story Trail. The festival was staged across the estate in Triton Square, Clarence Gardens and Cumberland Market. The Story Trail prototype provided wayfinding between the sites and shared stories about the locations.

From: 06/08/2022
To: 06/08/2022
Step: Prototype & Test
  • Arts, Culture & Heritage
  • Safe & Convivial Streets and Squares
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