As one of the main challenges is to convey MIND’s identity as an inclusive and attractive area for the surrounding communities, businesses and institutions, this activity aimed to identify and potentially involve MIND’s internal and external stakeholders to activate the broader communities in the development of meanwhile activities.

Starting from a preliminary information collected during previous exploratory activities, data gathering was done through 2 listening sessions with key actors of the local coalition and other external actors identified as potential stakeholders or beneficiaries of MIND meanwhile uses. Each session lasted 3 hours and involved from 10 to 15 actors, clustered per organization type. In particular, one session involved MIND tenants and SMEs from the surrounding area, while the other one involved third sector organizations and communities operating in the neighbouring municipalities. Each session aimed at investigating the (potential) role of participants as actors at MIND, relationships (already active or to be activated) with other actors of the ecosystem or to be involved, needs and interests toward the topics addressed by meanwhile uses (wellbeing, prevention, sustainability, etc.) and possible participation in meanwhile activities.

Each session was structured on a common schedule:

  • A short introduction by Lendlease of the MIND project and related key values, stakeholders, sustainability plan;
  • A short presentation of the T-Factor project by PlusValue;
  • After the introduction, each organization presented itself, describing target users of their operations and the kind of collaboration envisioned in MIND;
  • A first activity, called ‘Stakeholder Map’, required each participant to identify actors of the MIND ecosystem (represented through a visual scheme) they already had a relationship with (or they would like to have a relationship with), and to describe the nature of such relationship (themes/topics addressed, the recipients of the collaboration, …);
  • Following a brief explanation of the meaning of ‘meanwhile use’ and the purpose they will have in Milan pilot, a second activity, called ‘Meanwhile Ideas and Communities of Practice’, required each participant to identify other actors from own networks, as well as initiatives and projects (already existing or new) that could contribute to the topic addressed by meanwhile uses at MIND and as such become part of the MIND Meanwhile Community of Practice.
  • Each session ended with a wrap-up of results and final considerations by participants, who were invited to take part in the Guided Tour in November.

Ecosystem Maps

From: 01/07/2021
To: 31/10/2021
Step: Exploring & Inquiring
  • Co-creative and community-led meanwhile
Cross-sectoral alliances for new knowledge & skills