Urban Origami: Innovative City Making Strategies was an event aimed at presenting and discussing opportunities for temporary uses within the development of the Kaunas Aleksotas Innovation Industry Park (AIPP). During the event, foreign experts and various AIPP stakeholders could exchange knowledge, experience and ideas on the topic of temporary urbanism.

The event was organised into two main parts: the first one was dedicated to raising awareness on meanwhile use as a viable practice in urban regeneration, including by leveraging insights from foreign cases, discussing their successes and failures, as well as operational and financial aspects and applicability to specific contexts. The second part focused on the local engagement activities that already happened in Kaunas pilot, with the opportunity for the participants to generate and exchange ideas for possible meanwhile uses in the AIIP site.

A pool of experts from the T-Factor international team actively contributed greatly to the event, with several presentations on both concepts and concrete examples of temporary uses across Europe. Their contribution played an important role in addressing the lack of understanding on meanwhile spaces and temporary urbanism locally, and in raising interest and motivation to explore these practices further. Overall, the event was an opportunity to establish connections between local experts and practitioners and counterparts in other European countries.

From: 11/11/2021
To: 11/11/2021
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