Between September and November 2021, the pilot team ran a design module with the Montessori school, meant to introduce students to design thinking and biomimicry, by applying this idea to the Amsterdam Science Park from the perspective of Urban Ecology. Through this activity, the pilot team aimed at supporting the younger generation to have their say on the green qualities and values of the area, while starting to incorporate their wishes and wants.

Key discoveries

The issue of renewing relationship with nature turned out to be highly attractive for young students. Biodiversity and greening create a sense of connection and intrinsic motivation among participants, supporting the emergence of alternative views and needs. The motivation of the students showed how much energy is present to develop community-based green projects and spaces at ASP, both for their intrinsic value as well as to increase social cohesion and wellbeing.

Science Park
From: 01/09/2021
To: 30/11/2021
Step: Exploring & Inquiring
  • Do-It-Together Eco-practices
  • Wild and cultivated spaces
Greening, biodiversity & urban wilderness
Circularity and regenerative practices