Critical Futures is a programme of thematic seminars focused on arts, critical theories, and political ecologies. Mainly addressed to NOVA’s students of the course on Advanced Themes in Artistic Studies, a PhD seminar which is part of the NOVA PhD program in Art Studies, the seminars were also opened to the general public. A first round of seminars took place in March-April 2022, exploring the theme of ‘Curating and Social Practice’.

This series of six workshops was delivered online in collaboration with Prof. Alison Green, a Senior Lecturer on BA Culture, Criticism and Curation from University of the Arts London. A second round was held between May-June 2022 on the topic of ‘Active citizenship(s)’ towards communal spaces of care’; the seminar was curated and delivered by Prof. Basia Sliwinska, Senior Lecturer in Cultural and Historical Studies at the University of the Arts London. To complement the online dynamic, a gathering and a walk in Trafaria, together with both professors have also been organised by NOVA.

From: 01/03/2022
To: 15/06/2022
Step: Exploring & Inquiring
  • Arts and culture-led capacity building
Local identity & heritage