The activity searches for emancipatory anti-colonial identities and engages the local population for 2º Torrão, an extremely poor neighborhood in Trafaria, bringing IAT’s vision and facilitate exchanges with the local associations (Canto do Curió), thus connecting the academic community with local associations and residents.

The creative residency has been structured around a series of meetings where the images are being investigated by the research project Photo Impulse (images from colonial scientific missions, namely border delimitation and anthropological missions) are viewed, discussed, selected, manipulated, and graphically intervened upon.

Beneficiaries: Local citizens coming and contributing to the discussions. Other participants have been researchers or collaborators in other activities led by Canto do Curió.

From: 16/11/2021
To: 19/11/2021
Step: Exploring & Inquiring
  • Local identity & Heritage
Local identity & heritage
Inclusive engagement, access & rights to cities