The cycle of 3 events called Vidas das Margens (lives of the margins) is aimed at eliciting local memories and stories regarding the different areas composing Trafaria, through participatory activities, discussions and by watching documentaries about Trafaria’s municipality. The 3 events are public and open to all Trafaria’s residents. They are part of the bottom-up museum plan and activities, as well as of the Bairros Saudáveis Program, developed by the Canto do Curió association.

The first event took place on the 27th of March at the Café Convívio in II Torrão, the second one (24th April) at the seat of the Association “Moradores da Cova do Vapor” and the third one took place on the 29th of May in the Trafaria’s city center.

The event consisted of mainly 3 moments: the viewing of 2 documentaries, a discussion, open to the audience, during which the participants were invited to comment on the topics and the stories presented in the documentaries, and, finally, a third convivial moment.

The first documentary that the audience assisted is entitled Cova do Vapor, made by the Collective Oficina do Cinema. It registers and recounts the living memories of some of the oldest inhabitants of the neighbourhood. The second film, Vidas das Margens, is the second part of a 3-episodes documentary made by Renata Camargo (Canto do Curió’s association). Vidas das Margens focuses on the topic of the high tides in II Torrão, which in the last years have become a real issue for the security of the local population living close to the ocean. It’s composed of interviews and dialogues that the filmmaker had with some of the residents of the neighbourhood, different actors belonging to different social groups inhabiting II Torrão.

At the end of the documentary, the discussion started with a focus on the presence of the sea in these territories, namely how the sea has changed the landscape of the 2 neighbourhoods in the last 40-45 years. The themes of identities and the search for commonalities between different communities of Trafaria has also been explored.

The events have been occasions for participants to voice their concerns, perspectives and values, uncovering local challenges and opportunities in a quick, accessible and engaging way for viewers to become aware of public perceptions and opinions.

The cycle has been co-organized by the bottom-up museum T-Factor’s team (Rita Macedo and Carolina Boldoni), together with the local associations Canto do Curió (based in II Torrão, Trafaria), Madame Faber Commission (based in Madame Faber’s district) and Margem de Coragem/Biblioteca da Cova do Vapor (based in Cova do Vapor’s neighbourhood).

Beneficiaries: Citizens of II Torrão, Cova do Vapor, Madame Faber neigborhoods.

From: 27/03/2022
To: 29/04/2022
Step: Exploring & Inquiring
  • Local identity & Heritage
  • Arts and culture-led capacity building
Local identity & heritage
Inclusive engagement, access & rights to cities