The island of Zorrotzaurre is almost unknown to most of the Bilbaínos and Bilbaínas. Its relatively peripheral position, coupled with scarce public transport to get there, often make the island ‘out of reach’ in the perceptions of people. It’s a place where you usually go on purpose, and apparently there might be not so many purposes. 

Yet, if you have the curiosity and good legs to walk around, you will discover plenty of amazing spaces and activities all around the island, many of them located in iconic sites that show the unique industrial heritage of Bilbao. With social, cultural and creative spaces such as Espacio Open, Espacio 600, Pabellón 6, Piugaz, Zirkozaurre, Errizikleta, Bobo Espazioa, Gure Txoko (among many others), but also with universities such as IED Kunsthal, Mondragón AS FABRIK and Digipen, Zorrotzaurre is a lively and dynamic cultural and creative ecosystem.

On July 12 and 13, we organised a guided tour throughout these spaces, as part of our mission to boost grassroots-universities collaboration in the island. During these days, we had the chance to discover Zorrotzaurre’s creative ecosystem more in depth, diving into the various initiatives and higher education offer that already exist in the island, and establishing closer contacts amongst their promoters. 

We visited:

  • Bilbao AS Fabrik
  • DigiPen
  • Piugaz
  • Espacio 600
  • Karola Zirko
  • Gure Txoko
  • Espacio Open
  • ZIrkozaurre
  • Artiatx
  • ECCB
  • Pabellón 6
  • IED Kunsthal

Thanks to all these organisations for participating and hosting the visit!

From: 12/07/2021
To: 13/07/2021
Step: Exploring & Inquiring
  • Universities-Grassroots collaboration
  • Collaborative governance
Cross-sectoral alliances for new knowledge & skills