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The toolbox in practice in the context of six regeneration initiatives across Europe

Temporary Use Portfolio

Aleksotas Kaunas

In a complex and uncertain world, no one single solution can unlock the innovation we need to solve pressing societal challenges. Instead, we need to cultivate multiple innovation initiatives that all together can form an enabling ecosystem for system change. In the words of OECD-OPSI, an innovation portfolio is an ‘innovation sense-making activity that connects innovation practices – specific projects, initiatives and programmes – to the intent and purpose behind those activities as well as the strategic goal of the organisation.​ It should connect problem framing to operations and continuous learning and allow organisations to sufficiently resource and support innovation towards defined aims. Effective innovation portfolio management does not only look at the composition of the portfolio itself, but it analyses what in the system and the organisational structures allow an innovation portfolio to be successful in the long term’.

In T-Factor, we adopt a portfolio logic as an overall approach supporting the design of temporary use strategies as a set of tangible, strategic placemaking interventions that engage with multiple levers of change in address to specific missions of innovation. The intent is to support holistic and systemic design and orchestration of temporary uses – by means of a set of connected and mutually reinforcing placemaking experiments that test ideas and assumptions, while supporting strategic learning and decision making towards the long run.

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