Lodz, EC1

Stitching up the city

A way of developing an urban policy and spatial development concept for an area under regeneration, based on an innovative approach to urban issues and interdisciplinary cooperation between specialists with diverse experience.


The Lodz Branch of the Polish Urban Planners' Association together with the Municipal Urban Planning Office in Lodz organised the initiative.


“Stitching up the city” has been a series of urban planning workshops "Stitching up the city" as a participatory process for the urban development of the area in the centre of Lodz bounded by Piotrkowska, Narutowicza, Kilińskiego and Tuwima Streets.

The workshop was organised in three stages:

  • presentations and discussions

  • design

  • summarising the workshop and selecting the winning projects

The discussion contributed to the revision of the master plan and the concept of developing the entire area around EC1 and in the direction of Piotrkowska Street (the historical city centre).

Several spatial scenarios for the entire area were developed during the workshop.

Several guidelines were also drafted for the further development of the area between the railway station and Piotrkowska Street. On this basis, public consultations were organised a few months later. The studies prepared as part of the workshop became the basis for "formal" public consultations


Participants were divided into 8 teams. There were groups of specialists from various fields - architects, urban planners, visual artists, sociologists, cultural animators. During a two-day debate, the members of the teams, together with the inhabitants of this part of Lodz, entrepreneurs operating here, representatives of the local government, institutions and associations, drew up guidelines on the basis of which urban concepts were created. The best concepts were presented on 11 December 2011. The works were evaluated by members of competing design teams. The work had the form of a competition and financial prizes were awarded to the teams - authors of the best designs.  A prize of Lodz citizens was also awarded.