Hangar in Can Ricart

Can Ricart - a formerly abandoned industrial complex - hosts today a Youth Centre where many youth associations and residents in Poblenou convene together. Can Ricart has been promoted by a grassroot movement that mobilized against the redevelopment: neighbours protested around the lack of social housing and the absence of community facilities. These conflicts led to a rethinking of the masterplan with more social housing and community facilities such as a public library.

Hangar’s headquarters are in a building - loaned by the Barcelona City Council - that is located in the Can Ricart complex, an industrial environment within the Poblenou neighbourhood in Barcelona. The architecture is from the mid 19th Century, and was originally designed for the textile industry. Up until the closure of industrial activity in 1991, different companies established themselves in the building that Hangar now occupies.

Hangar is today an arts and research production factory.


Hangar is mainly funded by the Regional Government of Catalonia and the Barcelona City Council, and enjoys the specific collaboration of the Banc de Sabadell Foundation for resident artists’ activities, the Ministry of Culture  and the European Commission for the development of specific projects.

Fundació Privada AAVC is  in charge of running its management, and a Programme Committee renewed every two years, takes care of its art direction.


Hangar started off as one of the few arts production and research centres in Catalunya. Though it was initially conceived as a temporary use for a vacant space, it has now occupied the site for over 20 years. Hangar has helped the dynamization of the area attracting young people from other parts of the city, creating a dynamic social and cultural environment with pop-up events that promote the social cohesion of the Poblenou neighborhood.The building next to Hangar is now used to house a youth centre where many youth-led associations of Poblenou, young people, artists and cultural operators have an opportunity to get to know each other and work together.


The funding comes from the Municipality of Barcelona. The youth centre promotes several pop-up events such as a flea market. Hangar is managed by a foundation that operates under a Board that is reconfigured every three years to guide the direction of the Youth Centre. The Centre supports youth-led associations, artists and cultural operators.

Hangar’s management model and its vision as a public service focused on production and research makes Hangar a space that specialises in providing support for artists.