D2.2 T-Factor Pilots: Regeneration Projects, Masterplans, Temporary Uses

Karla Berrens, Blanca Calvo-Boixet, Vasilis Niaros and Ramon Ribera-Fumaz (UOC)

Keywords: Temporary Use, Masterplan, Urban Regeneration

This document outlines the key points for the planning and implementation of meanwhile uses in the context of six early-stage regeneration projects across different European cities.

The document dives into the masterplan vision and local context of these urban redevelopments, namely the Aleksotas Innovation Industry Park in Kaunas, Amsterdam Science Park, Euston in London, MIND Milan Innovation District, Trafaria in Lisbon and Zorrotzaurre in Bilbao. In T-Factor, these are the so-called Pilots: historical urban areas characterised by different degrees and forms of abandonment and decay in the past decades, and now under early stages of regeneration processes that will transform them into cultural and creative hubs, though with different positionings and connotations of ‘culture’ and ‘creativity’. These areas are about to be impacted upon by an overall financial investment that exceeds ten billion euros, providing an indication of the breadth of the physical interventions envisaged and the variety and complexity of interests, challenges, risks, and opportunities at play.

Developing an international platform of meanwhile city-making support, mentoring and knowledge exchange and engaging with local partners and stakeholders, T-Factor will co-produce temporary or meanwhile spaces in these six regeneration areas through participatory methodologies. These meanwhile spaces will turn the waiting time in urban regeneration into a transformative time of innovative placemaking.